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How we work with small-scale farmers

How we work with small-scale farmers

KilimoMart was initiated by small-scale farmers and created to support market access. KilimoMart uses a very simple approach to empower small-scale farmers. Currently, the KilimoMart is mostly supporting women small-scale farmers.

1: First, we identify business-minded small-scale farmers and the value chain of interest.
2: Secondly, we build their capacity in Farming As A Business and Value Addition using our unique and tested model
3: Thirdly to ensure that they are producing organic products, we use the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) which is a way to locally guarantee organic production in communities at a low cost.
4: Fourthly, after the small-scale farmers have harvested their products, we support small-scale farmers in value addition to ensure quality and increase earnings. Thereafter we add their products to the KilimoMart App and market them to the world.
5: Lastly, we celebrate livelihood improvement with small-scale farmers.

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