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About KilimoMart

KilimoMart Application is playing an important role in addressing the challenges that small scale farmers have been facing for so long by creating market opportunities for them where their agricultural products and services are accessed by consumers in all East African countries. This is the ideal market that small scale farmers have been waiting for as many of them especially women are exploited by the middlemen and they end up selling their products cheaply. The Application is also availing small scale farmers with agricultural information on markets, weather, extension, policies and laws.

The Application is bridging the gap that exists between the producers or small scale farmers and buyers where the consumers are getting fresh and quality agricultural products from the source. The Application also gives the users the opportunity to interact with the stakeholders on issues that affect their production processes. KilimoMart Application is in English and Kiswahili and benefiting small scale farmers in Kenya and Uganda but accessed by small scale farmers in all the East African countries.

The KilimoMart Application was created by ESAFF Uganda with financial support from GIZ-EAC IIDEA Project.